to think about

Solemn Thirsty

You go your way and I’ll go mine
I’ll try to meet you in a better life
We should meet up at the end of time
Get a beer and a cigarette for Auld Lang Syne

Was it just a dream? All those people
None of this is real
A kingdom for a fool animals on a wheel
I’m a king in my head a cripple in the world
How do I wrap this up and give it to that girl?

My gift to you, I’m gonna be a better person
I stare at you with a vague and immense longing
Try to save yourself while you’re still alive
Don’t deny yourself of your right to thrive

Solemn Thirsty, born on Thursday, got pished Saturday, fucked up Sunday
Took ill Wednesday, died on Thursday
There’s no better man than Solemn Thirsty

And I try to stay on, so I keep coming back

17.4.09 10:15


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